Prof. Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu, Ms. Arba Berdica and Mrs. Shqipe Biba in DMPP Headquarters, Tirana, Albania


Prof. Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu, Former President of Republic of Kosovo, Ms. Arba Berdica, Top Advisor of Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity and Mrs. Shqipe Biba in the ceremony of honoring the Peace Missionary Shqipe Biba with an Acknowledgement Certificate with the motivation: “For the great commitment and precious contribution, for the inspiration of the social coexistence and inter-community peace, as a remarkable Journalist, Publicist and Philanthropist, as a well-known Activist of Human Rights, as a Peace Missionary, as a Promoter of the Future Missions that bring Peace and Prosperity for all humanity.” The ceremony was held in the headquarters of DMPP, in Tirana, Albania.

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