The Intellectual Krenar Lasko – A man devoted to Peace Missions

Krenar Nuri Lasko was born on 25 July 1968 in Durres, Abania, in a family with early patriotic traditions with origin from Cameria. He passed his childhood in his birthplace. Krenar  finish the primary and elementary school in Durres. In 1988, he finished the industrial high school in Durres. Later, he graduated in the Faculty of Economics as one of the best students of that generation.Image

In the autumn of 1992, at the age of 21, Krenar Lasko registered in the branch of taxation in Durres the company “LASKO Sh.p.k”. This is how it started the history of one of the businesses, which later turned into a production industry by extending its influence in a major part of the European continent and outside of it. In 1995, Krenar together with his brother Enkeleid Lasko established the company “L.R.L  sh.a” which later was transformed into the company which holds also the name of the product  “Kappa Oil Holding sh. a”. Firstly, the first steps of the business in the field of lubricants were modest, because the vehicles market had just been created in the post communist Albania. With foresight, devotion, prolonged hours, desire, willpower, ambition, correctness and seriousness through years, Krenar managed to extend the influence of his products in the major part of the Albanian market and later he started the first exports in Balkans, Eastern and Western Europe, in the Middle East and North Africa. So, after many years of persistent work with professionalism, passion and responsibility he turned his business into an absolute leader industry in Albania, where he dominates around 38 percent of the market of lubricant oils and over 80 percent of the market in the production of vehicles rubber carpets. So, now he is one of the most successful Albanian businessmen.

Krenar Lasko is distinguished also for his contributions in the community. He knows how to earn for his living and with a part of his earnings he supports also the social classes in need and the humanitarian institutions of Durres and Albania. So, he has been devoted passionately to the missions for the rescues of the social classes in economical difficulty the same way he has been devoted to his business.Image

Krenar Lasko is not only a successful businessman and peace missionary, but he is also a very talented poet. He is also a publicist.  Krenar has published several cycles with poetries which have been welcomed by the readers and highly assessed by the literary critics of that time. He has written also many articles with socials themes and problems, which have given an echo to the work in the community. So, Krenar has been devoted a little also to the journalism to reflect the concerns of that time and his viewpoints.  He is a regular collaborator of the magazine “Eagle’s Wing”. Krenar Lasko,  as an erudite intellectual with rare managing skills has currently been transformed into a spiritual leader for his community in Durres.

Krenar Lasko is an intellectual with a charitable heart. He, as a benefactor and missionary has been devoted to the Peace cause. Krenar Lasko as a peace missionary has been collaborating for many years with the international organization Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity, part of United Nations.

The intellectual Krenar Lasko is Honorary Consul of Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity.

Arba Berdica

Top Advisor of DMPP

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