Natasha Savage, a Big Friend of the Small Albania

Albania, the small country with a big heart

At the beginning of May, Dr. Natasha Savage, the President of Eastern European American Chamber of Commerce visited Albania by invitation of the international organization “Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity” located in Tirana and its President Dr. Shefki Hysa.

Right from the start I understood that we had among us more than “a good friend”; a very intelligent and noble woman in her work and mission, at the service of the people in need every time. With the dexterity and goodness of the unremitting person, she was able to ingratiate everybody. She kept notes on everything and radiated hope for everyone! It was impossible to not be enthralled by the modesty and spontaneity of this rare womanImage

During her stay in Albania, Ms. Savage had several meetings with some personalities and leaders of the Albanian state, representatives of business and art and had the opportunity to visit many Albanian cities.

What most rejoiced and surprised me at the same time was the fact that Ms. Natasha immediately took Albania under her protection, as if she was afraid that the interlocutors would start to complain and justify our country with its geographical dimension.

Needles to say, the politicians tried to be careful in their attitudes and mostly, as it randomly happens in politics, they blamed their political opponents for the lack of success. She listened to them and with the tranquility of a “saint” she told them:Image

“I am ready to do everything for Albania and Albanians. I need the help of each one of you to make your country an important factor in Balkans, Europe and beyond, regardless of who are the ones who lead Albania, democrats or socialists. Albanians are hospitable and very affectionate with foreigners. For me, Albania is really a small country, but its people have a big heart!”… It is the only country in Europe that loves America as if it was a part of her, an island detached from the body of the old American continent.

 America, our first “love”

It is known that there is no Albanian who has not dreamed at least once in his life of living in America, the land of big dreams, realities and miracles, as everyone names it.

To be more realistic, the relations Albania-America, during these twenty years of democracy, have been relatively good, after more than 50 years of total isolation. This comes maybe also because of the fact that around one million Albanians live in USA since many years, giving this way their contribution in the development and welfare of the land where freedom was born. The power of the Albanian factor in America was felt more during the Kosovo war when it was made possible the biggest help that another nation has ever given to our nation, the Independence of Kosovo.

Albania is an important country from the strategic viewpoint for Balkans and its partners, such as USA, and this because of the very favorable geographical position which transforms Albania into a very coveted center for the bilateral and multilateral regional and international relations.Image

It comes to my mind the speech of Mrs. Edit Harxhi, Vice Foreign Minister of Albania, who has stated that: “The love for freedom makes more special the relationship between Albania and America”… And exactly from the most honored America came also this good friend of us and Albanians, Dr. Natasha Savage, who felt in the beautiful Albania like Columbus after discovering America.

Albania, a touristic discovery which is a must to be visited

In a particular article for the favorite touristic destinations of 2011, the prestigious “Financial Times”, and the author of the article, Dan Linstead, estimate Albania as one of the most intriguing prospects for tourism: “…partly for its quiet, affordable Mediterranean beaches, partly for its rugged landscape. For active types, the biggest buzz is around the “Accursed Mountains” of the country’s far north – an isolated region of serrated 2,600m peaks populated by bears and wolves, with farming villages rich in folklore.”Image

Waiting for the return

After visiting the touristic land of Albania, Dr. Natasha Savage felt amazed as if she was one of the daughters of the country of eagles, she felt more than Albanian. With the vision of this miracle in her heart, she left to come back very soon with the conviction that it is time to build new bridges of collaboration between our two friend countries, America and Albania.

I have no doubts that she will be back again soon and just like an angel sent by God she will work for Albania and Albanians.

Dear Natasha, Albania is waiting for you!

                                                                                                          Dr. Dylbere Dika

                                                                                            Journalist & Director of DMPP

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